Lead Management Agency

Convert contacts into loyal customers by professional lead management

Benefit from professional lead management to acquire new customers. Our comprehensive consulting approach ensures a focused alignment of strategic and operational measures throughout the complete consumer journey.

Right data and strategy


As specialists in attracting new customers and developing professional lead management through multiple channels, we offer comprehensive advice for your company. We design a leading strategy for efficiently acquiring new customers.

Advice and Inception

  • Strategy workshop
  • Selection of potential customers: inventory and analysis of existing measures
  • Definition of requirements
  • Designing a leading strategy: (customer) data I systems I contacts channels I campaigns
  • Data Processes and Leads That Meet the GDPR
Leadmanagement Smart Data
Leadmanagement Campaign

Right Campaign

We design data-driven lead campaigns throughout all channels, make sure easy and measurable campaign processing, and streamline lead management through significant reporting.

Automated Lead Campaigns

  • Generation of contact and address data through digital marketing, social media advertising and point of sale.
  • Use of data sources and addresses for campaigns.
  • Implementing automated lead campaigns with marketing automation software.
  • Inbound and outbound marketing, in addition to tried and tested marketing and advertising Measures to effectively assist your lead campaigns.

Campaign, production and processing control

  • Digital marketing: SEA and SEO campaigns, show campaigns
  • Email Marketing: Email Campaigns and Automated Email Routes
  • Social media marketing: advertising campaigns Via LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, Messenger campaigns
  • Dialogue Marketing: Online and Offline Campaigns

Right Technology

We define your technology requirements based on defined strategies and measures, and create technical prerequisites for a largely automated lead management operation.

Technology and Tools

  • Create a requirements catalog
  • Evaluating Lead-Tools & Software
  • Configure systems and tools
  • Operation and Handling
Leadmanagement Technology

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