E-Mail-Marketing Data 2

Strategy and Concept

Benefit from our experience in developing strategies and designing your email campaigns and newsletters for relevant customer dialogues!

Services Summary

  • Inventory Email Marketing
  • Strategy development along the customer journey.
  • Campaign design and shipping routes.
  • Concepts for generating leads from email addresses
  • Data Concepts for GDPR-Compliant Address Management
  • Definition of requirements and selection of the email delivery system.
  • Lead management by email marketing
  • Marketing Automation Concepts

Do you know your potential in email marketing?
Ask about our potential analysis! We examine your email marketing against well-founded analytical criteria and provide specific recommendations for optimization.
E-Mail-Marketing Smart Campaign

Email Campaign Management


We automate customer dialogue through trigger-based mail routes along the customer journey to achieve the best customer relationship.

Design and creation

  • Preparation of newsletters and email campaigns
  • Responsive Newsletter Design
  • Content creation and editing

Campaign management and scheduling

  • Campaign planning
  • Content creation and maintenance
  • Address and Data Management
  • Template programming in responsive design
  • Integration of models in the shipping system
  • Integration performance tracking
  • Target group segmentation
  • Implementing automated and trigger-based email routes
  • A / B testing and optimization
  • Email and shipping control system.
  • API connections to third-party systems

Campaign types

  • Segmentation: according to customer journey / according to purchase behavior / according to sociodemographic data Shipping consequences: according to type of customer / according to click behavior / according to phase Purchase Automation and activation: according to the event / after the transaction

Reporting and optimization

  • Campaign Success Tracking A/B Testing for Automated Reporting Optimization
E-Mail-Marketing Smart Technology

Email Delivery System Solutions


We work with leading technology partners and use this technical infrastructure for your email marketing. Depending on functional and technical requirements, we use the appropriate email delivery system for customer dialogue.

Services Summary

  • Definition of requirements
  • Selection and evaluation of the email delivery system
  • Installing and configuring the email delivery system
  • Email Campaign Automation
  • Connection to third party systems
  • Operation of EMM systems
  • Shipping control

Email marketing according to the law according to the GDPR

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the binding provisions apply to all senders in the email marketing context. This includes obtaining clear consent from the recipient through the double signature procedure. We check your email marketing for security breaches and therefore ensure that your emails are sent in a legally secure manner.

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