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Get more leads and increase your sales through Google Ads, SEO and digital marketplaces

Advantage from our many years of experience in digital marketing. We examine your current positioning and market opportunities in the digital environment and advise you on how your business can digitally achieve more reach, contacts, leads and sales.

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Search Marketing: SEA and Google AdWords


Google Ads is the name of the Google search engine advertising system, which, with a market share of over 90% worldwide, is the gateway to customer search queries. Use this powerful digital form of advertising to reach potential customers with ads based on their specific search queries.
When you place ads on Google, your text or image ads are displayed in relevant environments on Google's search platforms, YouTube, or display networks. Get leads and leads!

Get more leads through Google Ads and increase your sales!

  • Tip: We'll determine your goals in a personal conversation
  • Analysis: We analyze potential and make budget recommendations.
  • Settings: We set up your account, including Google Analytics and other tracking tools
  • Support: We reveal and optimize ongoing operations and put together reviews for you.
  • Google Display: We're fixing a Google Display Advertising Campaign
  • Remarketing: You will get a remarketing campaign on the Display Web.
  • Banner creation: We create various display banners for mobile and desktop devices.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a valuable means found in customers' organic search results on Google and therefore to continually increase their digital visibility - with website design and various structural, technical and related tuning bolts. We guarantee that your search engine is improved through improved ranking and your business is on the first page of Google. The best placements in the search engine results list ensure that new visitors come to your site.

Improve your network profile so you can be found more easily

  • Tip: In a personal conversation, we determine your SEO goals
  • SEO Analysis: We examine your website in terms of content, technology, structure, backlinks and online visibility.
  • SEO Concept: Based on the analysis results, we develop an SEO concept with targets based on key numbers and create a strategy for you with concrete measures to optimize your organic visibility in Google search results.
  • Realization and implementation: We take care of your website's on-page optimization and optimize, among other things, the URL structure, meta tags, content, HTML structure, link structure, performance for better SEO ranking
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Digitales Marketing Digitale Marktplätze

Digital markets

Broad-reaching digital marketplaces are an integral part of your customers' buying behavior. We successfully place your products on Amazon, Google, Zalando & Co. and use Market Optimization (MPO) and Ads to ensure your products rank as high as possible in search results lists.

Market management

  • Establishment of markets, including account creation.
  • Creation and preparation of product feeds: datasets, images and texts
  • Product placement in markets including Amazon, Google Shopping, Zalando
  • Acquisition and cooperation of new markets and portals.
  • Market optimization for top rankings (keyword analysis, competitive analysis)
  • SEO optimization of the product names / explanations / images, conversion optimization
  • Ad placement and management for product advertising.
  • Creation of banners and promotional material for marketplaces.

Technical handling

  • Technical support
  • API interface management
  • Support and operations

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