Dialog Marketing Agency

Personalized dialogue campaigns through successful communication solutions.

As an agency, we specialize in building and maintaining dialogues with clients. With our data-driven marketing method and solutions, we guarantee relevant messages through intelligent dialogue programs. The result is a better customer relationship for more sales, more profits and customer loyalty.

Dialog Marketing Smart Strategy

Right Strategy

When developing your dialogue campaign, we focus fully on acquiring new customers and retaining them in the future, as well as developing profitable relationships with existing customers.

Advice and design

  • Determining the current situation
  • Defining your target group
  • Determining the Appropriate Advertising Media
  • Development of a dialogue strategy
  • Budget definition and establishment
  • Campaign concept
Dialog Marketing Smart Data

Right Data


We are also at your side as an experienced partner in the field of address and data management: we offer you these high-quality services at attractive prices.

Address and Data Management

  • Scanning and capturing paper documents
  • Data set
  • More data and address validations
Dialog Marketing Smart Campaign

Right Campaign


Use our experts' extensive marketing knowledge for your campaigns and relieve your employees on a day-to-day basis.

Campaign design and creation

  • modern design
  • corporate design development
  • brand identity
  • Providing editorial content
  • Revision

Campaign management

  • campaign supervision
  • Budgets
  • Campaign implementation and optimization
  • Automation

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Review of communication objectives
  • Testing the effect of advertising.
  • Return on Investments estimation
  • Optimization of ongoing campaigns
  • Preparation of forecasts for future campaigns
  • Establish recommendations for action
Dialog Marketing Smart Technology

Right Technology


We design, program and operate technology solutions for bespoke loyalty and dialogue programs and integrate technical connections such as email delivery systems, letter shop or online tools.

Technologic solutions

  • Customer portals and marketing campaign website
  • Chatbot and voice assistant solutions
  • Application solutions
  • Email Delivery Systems
  • Lead Management Tools
  • Customer feedback solutions (fanscan)
  • Messaging solutions
  • digital advertising
  • Web Monitoring and Analysis Tools

Our products - Dialog Marketing

Loyalty programs

  • Customer Clubs (Online)
  • Bonus and loyalty programs
  • Loyalty cards
  • Subscription and Membership Templates
  • reference programs
  • Customer Magazines

Digital advertising

  • Google Ads
  • Google MyBusiness
  • Google Shopping
  • Social Media Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization

E-Mail Marketing

  • Email Campaigns
  • Informative report
  • Shipping routes along the customer journey
  • marketing automation

Print advertising material

  • Mailing
  • Catalogs and Magazines
  • Inserts
  • Classic ads with responsive elements.

Web portal

  • Online customer clubs
  • Online stores
  • marketing website
  • landing pages

Dialogue program

  • Multilevel Channel Specific Dialog Programs
  • Omni-Channel Dialogue Program
  • Customer Lifecycle Dialogue Program

Conversation marketing

  • Chatbots (AI Compatible)
  • voicebots
  • forms

Customer feedback

  • Customer feedback / fanscan / fan principle
  • Phone Inquiries
  • Online surveys

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