Outsourcing business processes for managing your data

We transform paper data into valuable digital data! Fast, secure, and high quality.

Benefit from our professional BPO data services!
From digitizing paper files to data acquisition, further validations and improvements for the assessment and evaluation of your data.

Acquisition of physical and digital receipts

Contests and main contacts

We accumulate and validate addresses and contest information and contact forms. For professional archiving, we refer to the original GDPR-compliant digital report with the related data record.

Invoices and Applications

We digitize and record invoices, requests, receipts and process data according to coordinated regulations in business process outsourcing.

Survey questionnaires

We combine state-of-the-art automated recording with manual post-processing, clearly specified decision rules and encrypt your queries directly at once they are recorded.


Registration of data and addresses


Our professional and reliable team digitizes and records big quantity of data in numerous formats quickly, securely and at attractive prices.

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Scanning using the latest scanning technology (OCR / ICR / OMR)
  • Multi-stage acquisition process for best data quality: combination of software-based process, manual post-processing and plausibility checks
  • Submitting reference tables
  • Acquisition of different languages
  • Multi-level inspection processes to assure quality
  • Outputting data in coordinate data statistics and output format

Data validation and enrichment


We promise you the highest quality data. We keep things organized and make sure your data is up to date and there are no duplicates. In this way, we create the perfect foundation for exploring the full potential of data.

Data quality is a value creation factor for your business!

  • Data normalization and cleaning
  • Address verification for postal delivery and address updates
  • Data validation and enrichment of incomplete information
  • Validation according to project-specific rules
  • Duplicate cleaning
  • Search for data and information on the web.
  • Obtaining data from multiple sources
  • Data quality management
Datenmanagement Analyse

Data analysis and analysis


We analyze your data with the help of intelligent method-based analysis software and evaluate the results for you. Data discoveries and insights are prepared in dynamic and meaningful dashboards.

Data information for marketing, sales and customer service.

  • Analysis and evaluation of data to optimize marketing and customer service and processes (e.g., age, gender, location distribution, customer value considerations)
  • Predictive or prognostic analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of data for scientific purposes (e.g., descriptive evaluation)
  • Creation of online dashboards and reports for data visualization.
  • Creating action recommendations and optimization potential

Our promise of quality

GDPR-compliant data management

Multi-stage data quality process

Expert team made up of experienced employees

Data acquisition using the latest technology


OCR stands for "Optical Character Recognition" and stands for Optical Character Recognition or Text Recognition. This technology allows you to quickly convert different documents (image templates) into editable digital files. Data is recorded on a usual scanner.


ICR stands for "Intelligent Character Recognition" and shows the logical progress of OCR. Here you can even recognize the semantic relationships between letters. Therefore, ICR recognizes handwritten texts better and more accurately than OMR.


OMR stands for "Optical Mark Recognition" and describes a technology that recognizes marks on paper, such as B. Barcode, allows multiple choice questions. Therefore, OMR is often used for automatic form evaluation.

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