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Use the potential of your data and get more out of it!

Successful data-driven marketing depends on complete, valid, and usable data. We advise you step-by-step along the way and develop a data strategy with you for professional customer dialogue and customer relationship management.

Your full-service agency for data and information analysis

As your full-service agency, we offer a complete, worry-free service. We have been with you from the beginning: from strategic planning for the real implementation of your data strategy. We advise you independently and competently and help your company make strategic decisions based on the data. You will receive an individual solution from which you will benefit greatly.

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Our data analysis agency services

Our agency services cover the entire data management process, from data acquisition and processing to data usage.
We allow your company to
effectively combine and analyze your own customer data across all channels and use it consistently for customer dialogue and management.

Data strategy

We advise your company on setting up data-driven marketing and creating technical and procedural prerequisites.

Data and Information Analysis

We analyze your data with specific analytics tools and create valuable information to optimize your marketing, sales and customer service.

Reports and Dashboards

We create meaningful reports with relevant indicators (KPIs) for continuous monitoring of actions and decisions based on numbers and facts.

Our Products - Data Analysis

With our analysis methods, we analyze your current communication
measures and contact channels based on relevant success drivers and recommend specific measures
optimize the dialogue with the customer and the management of the customer relationship.

Site analysis

  • Current site inventory
  • Developing a Monitoring Concept
  • Implement monitoring
  • Structure of Dashboards and Reports


  • Website analytics for relevant SEO content
  • Analysis of technology, structure and number of backlinks.
  • Checking visibility

Google Analytics: Potential Analysis

  • Relevant defining keywords
  • Determining monthly search potential
  • Create a keyword portfolio
  • Establish a budget recommendation

Social Network Analysis

  • Analysis of the above measures of social networks, including Facebook ads.
  • Development of campaign goals
  • Ad Manager Review
  • Facebook pixel creation and integration

CRM Screening

  • Systematic inventory of past CRM measures
  • Evaluate your score based on key success factors
  • Radar Analysis and GAP Analysis
  • Report and Action Recommendations

Customer journey analysis and touch point analysis

  • Identification of contact points
  • Set goals and expectations
  • Brighten up customer relationship and churn rate
  • Optimization Tips

Campaign analysis

  • Set communication goals
  • Discover the potential for optimizing your marketing mix and advertising content
  • Proof of effectiveness of advertising measures.
  • Advertising impact predictions for future campaigns

Email Marketing Analysis

  • Specially developed rating system
  • Focus: strategy and concept, campaign management and customer management
  • Current state analysis using 100 test criteria.
  • Discovering optimization potential
  • Detailed reports including action recommendations

Other reviews

  • Conversion analysis
  • Technology screening
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Sales funnel analysis
  • E-Commerce analysis

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